Senior Pastor Troy Thomas

God has called Troy N. Thomas to preach the full Gospel, especially to denominational churches. He believes that God does not want any of his sheep to be destroyed for a lack of knowledge. God has gifted him with the special ability to preach the Bible in such a practical way that people are able to use the Word in their everyday lives to lift themselves above their circumstances. He was born in Louisiana, Pastor Thomas attended Bonner-Campbell Bible College. With the help of God through his degree, Pastor Thomas uses ingenuity to analyze and compile his messages from God's word. Pastor Thomas travels from city to city proclaiming the message, "God is more concerned about his Word being preached and demonstrated with signs following than he is with church titles." Pastor Troy Thomas Credentials

  • Born in New Orleans, La on January 23, 1961
  • Graduated from Southern University A&M in Mechanical Engineering in 1982
  • Member of the Network of Related Pastors (formerly the International Network of Local Churches)
  • Ministers at Genesis Ministry for the deliverance of drug addicted men and women
  • Helps to oversee other pastors
  • Born again and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1980 as an African Methodist Episcopal.
  • Begin travelling as a licensed Minister in 1987
  • Has been married to his wife Shirley since July 1987
  • They have three children and five grandchildren.
  • Former President of Concordia Council on Aging
  • Advisor of the Natchez Aglow Chapter
  • Operates the Refuge for the deliverance of drug addicted men
  • Ordained to Apostolic ministry in May 2013


As of February, 2022
Apostle Roelie Etsebeth

Denomination and Ordination:

New Life Christian Fellowship — Living Word (Pastor Nevil Norden)

Pastor Roelie has been in full-time ministry for 32 years, being ordained in 1990 at Lewende Woord (Living Word) under the oversight of Pastor Nevil Norden, senior pastor, of one of the largest church groups in South Africa with an affiliation with the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa. (The planting of John G. Lake) Pastor Roelie served as co-pastor and pioneered several ministries in Lewende Woord (Living Word), Youth, Adult Single Group and the Media Department, to name a few. He also headed up the Worship Team. In 1994 he started ministering abroad in countries like Brazil, the United States of America, Australia, Botswana, Mozambique and became a sought after conference speaker as God began to expand his ministry. Healings, signs, wonders and miracles were evident. He married Luanne Etsebeth in 1995 and they have raised three beautiful children, Lume, Rheinhardt and Reuben.
Luanne's ministry has complimented his ministry from the out-set and she has become an international speaker herself with a very strong calling as a Prophetess as well as miracles and healings evident. In 1999 Pastors Roelie and Luanne co-founded Remnant Ministries International and pastored together with Bishop Sammy Gittonga from Kenya. Remnant Ministries is still going strong with a large membership. In 2010 Pastors Roelie and Luanne co-founded a new work, Living Word, in Montana, Pretoria, and later was changed to New Life Christian Fellowship under the oversight of Pastor Nevil Norden of which they pastored for eleven years until October, 2021.

In January of 2022 he recorded his first Worship album to the glory of God. Pastor Roelie considers Apostle Dr. Tienie Cronje, who passed ten years ago, as his spiritual father, who mentored and passed on his mantle to him, as well as Pastor Nevil Norden who ordained him and Luanne to be great influences on both his and Luanne's life.
Pastor Roelie is overseeing and speaking into several pastors lives in Africa and in the USA. He is currently in the process of moving his family and ministry headquarters to the USA.