Troy Thomas Ministries  thanks you for your prayers and financial support.  The staff of  Troy Thomas Ministries would love to hear from you concerning our website.  If you have a testimony or prayer request, feel free to contact us at the address below.  Also Troy Thomas Ministries has established partnership which will be called "Power of Love Partners." These partners are ones who will on a monthly basis support the ministry with a gift of any amount.   
When you give to the work of the Lord, you will never be diminished.  There are some outstanding benefits when you make your gifts unto the Lord.  Listed are some ways to give to further enhance the Lord's ministry in a way that keeps on giving.

  • Cash Gifts: Cash or checks are the most common way to give, and all gifts are income tax-deductible.
  • Deferred Gifts: Items such as antiques, artwork, jewelry or collectibles.
  • Non-cash Gifts: Donating securities such as appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds and real estate.
  • Matching Gifts: Many employers match gifts you make.  Check with your employer.
  • Charitable Trust: This tool helps you manage your assets so that you can receive income while at the same time helping to further the ministry.
  • Insurance: Consider naming Bethel Church as a beneficiary on your insurance policy...full, partial or fixed.
  • Wills: Remember, every person must have a will.  This is yet another way to honor God dispensing of your estate so that it continues to affect generations for years to come. 

Please send donations to Or Click Link below:

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204 Airport Road Vidalia, LA 71373

Phone: (318) 336-9576

Church Office Hours:
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10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Bethel Prayerline 24 Hrs A Day

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