August 2019 




Dear Fellow Servant Child of God,


3 John 2 Beloved, I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.  I pray that you grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  To Christ be glory both now and forever. Amen.  I covet your prayers that I hear from God and obey Him.  As I prayed this morning, this subject remained in my mind.  DO BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER?  As I deal with this subject, I hope that my friends remain my friends.  I pray that we are willing to see things through the eyes of Christ.  You may ask, what kind of man am I.  According to the world, I am a black American.  Well, let me correct that.  I am a brown man with a little black hair on my head and on my top lip.  I used to have a large afro of hair on my head, until it decided to leave my head without permission.  Do you understand what I mean?  People ask me, who are you.  I am a Christian first, an American second and a black man third.  My Christian principles affect how I see everything else.  Let me ask you, who are you?

I doubt if I will be able to cover this entire subject in one letter.  Here we go.  Proverbs 6:16-19 These six things does the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: hands that shed innocent blood…A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.  DO BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER?  It is terrible for an innocent man to be shot dead by a policeman.  It is terrible for any man to be gunned down after being stopped by the police for a bad car tail light.  For this same black man fleeing with his hands up, with no gun on his person to be shot multiple times; is horrific.  It is a tragedy for young black men to be shot down in the prime of their lives, just because they were black.  When a parent must deal with the sense less killing of their child; many of them grieve the rest of their lives to death.  I have experienced the passing of my daughter.  My daughter died from multiple diseases.  Our daughter was eleven years old when she passed.  Even though she did not die from murder, her death has affected my wife tremendously.  As I observed my wife deal with the passing of our daughter, she seemed to be on the verge of losing her mind.  I and others had to cover my wife in prayer.  You probably do not really understand her feelings, unless you have had a child to die.  My daughter’s passing was not violent.  Now, can you put yourself in the place of a parent that lost a child through violence and treachery?  Think of the emotional turmoil that happens inside of that parent.  Just take a moment and think about it.  Selah.  DO BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER?

So, I do not belittle the needless unjustified killing of one black man by a police officer.  There may have been a handful of needless unjustified killings of black men by a white police officer in America.  From what I have read, for the last few years there have been over 600 black on black killings every year in Chicago, Illinois.  If I may say, we are killing ourselves more than any white policeman.  Where are the mass protests about all of the killings in Chicago?  So, it is okay for us to kill ourselves.  Hum.  Where are all of the BLACK LIVES MATTER people in Chicago?  I am just asking a few questions.  Is the emotion hurt of a black parent’s child being killed less in Chicago?  May be the hurt is less because a black man killing another black man is not as bad as an unjustified killing of a white police officer.  Which hurt is worse?  I do not have space to deal with abortion in this letter.  Hopefully, I will write on it next month.  Satan desires to destroy America.  Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.  Is Satan pushing race hatred?  Is Satan striving to destroy our country through race wars?  Have we forgotten that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy?  Listen to these phrases. 1) We are in a spiritual battle. 2) People are not our enemy. 3) By God’s grace, I will not let the Devil use me.  I invite your response to this letter.