Minister's Fellowship Thur. Aug. 22, 2019



PLACE:    Bethel Church                                                                   DAY, DATE, TIME: 4th Aug. 22, 2019 at 11 am

SPEAKER:  Ford & Debbie Pickering of Monroe, LA

Please invite other ministers to our fellowship.  Their mates (if they have one) are welcome to come also.  FREE lunch, CD, DVD will be provided.  WE’LL ALSO GIVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A NICE RESTAURANT TO THE PERSON WHO GETS THE MOST MINISTERS TO COME TO OUR FELLOWSHIP.  I know that it will be worth you sacrificing to come.  IT IS MY HONOR TO STRENGTHEN AND CHALLENGE MINISTERS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

P.S.  Please mark your calendar for our annual ministers/leaders’ seminar on (Sat.) Sept. 28, 2019.  Women and men are challenged to be the minister/leader God has called them to be.  Early registration by (Sun.) Sept. 15, 2019: $25.00 for couples and $15.00 for singles.  After Sept. 15, 2019: $35.00 for couples and $25.00 for singles.  Registration covers: Snacks, lunch, notes of 6 speakers and DVD or CD of each speaker.  FREE door prizes will be given also.  FREE overnight accommodations are available upon request.  IF THE REGISTRATION IS A PROBLEM, SPONSORS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  NONE SHOULD BE ABSENT FROM THIS SEMINAR; BECAUSE THEY FEEL THAT THEY CAN’T AFFORD THE REGISTRATION FEE.  Thank You!

Bethel Church